The Lady in Butcher’s House (2022)


Although Xu Qing Jia was orphaned at a young age, he studied hard and became the best in class talent. He marries Hu Jiao, the daughter of a butcher’s family. Hu Jiao does not know how to read and write but she has a cheerful and positive personality, taking care of everything in an orderly manner. Xu Qing Jia devoted himself to serving the people and forged ahead with reforms as a county magistrate. Their story unfolds in the Northern Song Dynasty as they work together in love, marriage, and helping the people defeat corrupt officials.

Director: Mao Kun Yu

Also known as: Tu Hu Jia De Xiao Niang Zi Yu Mian Tao Hua Zong Xiang Feng 屠户家的小娘子 玉面桃花總相逢 屠戶家的小娘子


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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