See You Tomorrow (2016)


The bar owner, Chen Mo (played by Tony Leung) and his partner, Guan Chun (played by Takeshi Kaneshiro) are the “golden ferrymen” in the city. Being a ferryman means to rescue people from pain and resist the sadness of this world with happiness and warmth. The ferryman is the superhero of the city. Chen Mo and Guan Chun usually seemed to be condescending, but they never say no to anyone who needs help. As long as they “make an appointment for a ferry”, the mountains of swords and seas of fire will “reach their mission.” The neighbor girl Xiaoyu (Angelababy) made an appointment for her idol, Ma Li (Eason Chan), but in the process of helping Xiaoyu challenge the whole city, Chen Mo and Guan Chun gradually discovered problems they could not avoid. In addition to the life of Chen Mo and He Muzi (Duju) & Guan Chun and Maomao (Sandrinne Pina), the three love stories, like the stories people have experienced, are engraved in the memory, as warm as ever. Source: Baidu A bar owner helps lonely people through their heartbreaks and takes a radio DJ under his wing. Source: Wikipedia

Also known as: The Ferryman Bai du ren


Status: Ongoing

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