Mussakhan – Sumac chicken with caramalized onions


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Whenever I first was acquainted with Mussakhan was an extraordinary encounter. I was holding a cookery studio for a worthy mission coordinated by the catholic association for family and life undertakings a couple of years prior. We had a blend of German nationals and exile families on the rundown of participants. The goal was to present and unite different societies and ethnic gatherings.
A Palestinian group of three strolled in the kitchen with a tremendous plate of dark red chicken on bread finished off with pine nuts. They couldnt express an expression of German or English yet just had a grin on the face that was sufficient to impart what they needed to convey. I was truly dazzled! They demanded us to sit on the floor, set the plate in the center and we as a whole ate the very delightful meat with our hands. I viewed that as so cool !!!!

This is what’s genuinely going on with Mussakhan! A sharing dinner to interface loved ones, that is generally to be eaten with hands keeping regardless of the conventions.

What precisely is Mussakhan?
Mussakhan is a conventional Palestinian dish highlighting cooked and simmered chicken with caramalized onions sprinkled liberally with sumac. The meat pieces are spread out on a bed of taboon bread soaked with the flavorsome chicken stock. Toasted almonds or pine nuts on top add a lovely mash to the delicate delicious bread base.

What kind of meat to utilize?
Ideally chicken with bones. That has more flavor. You can leave the skin on however I lean toward making with cleaned chicken as the recipe has currently an adequate number of fats.

What sort of onions to utilize?

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For the sumac onion layer, utilize the red ones. They work out positively for the sumac as well as give a charming sweet flavor. Try not to slash or cut the onions excessively fine or they will get excessively delicate while cooking and lose surface.

What kind of bread to utilize?
Bread is the central participant here. Customarily, Mussakhan is made utilizing Taboon bread that is typically prepared in an extremely hot broiler fixed with little round smooth stones. On the off chance that you can’t find taboon or laffa bread you can substitute with any flatbread you like, simply ensure it is neither too slight nor excessively thick. Sufficiently thick to endure holding the onions and chicken, and adequately flimsy to retain the chicken juices without making it excessively weighty for the stomach.

What to present with?
Mussakhan is a finished dinner in itself and is ordinarily filled in as a principal course with some new plate of mixed greens and yogurt.


1. To begin with, ensure the stove to preheated to 400.
2. Then, have your 3 chicken bosoms bubbled and destroyed to sauté later.
3. Presently, get an enormous skillet, and shower in 3 TBSPs of olive oil on medium-high. Then include your onions. Season with 2 TBSPs of sumac and 1 TBSP of salt. Mix well and sauté.
4. When the onions begin to relax, include the chicken. Mix well. Cook for 5-8 minutes.
5. Trial to check whether you need to add more salt or sumac. Add if essential. Mix well.
6. Shower on a touch of olive oil in the event that they begin to get somewhat dry and mix once more. Presently how about we make the wraps.
7. The markook bread is somewhat precarious – they either come in ginormous squares or circles. If you got lucky with the circles, you’re all set. Yet, assuming you got the ginormous squares, cut off the corner pieces and cut the rest into comparative rectangular pieces. My video on Instagram ought to help explain.
You can decide to quit the markook bread and get dainty tortilla wraps all things being equal, it’s totally OK!

Musakhan 3
8. Include 1 major scoop of the chicken and onion blend into each endlessly wrap it well.
9. Add onto a baking skillet and brush on some olive oil on top of each wrap.
10. Heat in the stove for as long as 10 minutes (or until firm).
11. Tenderly take them out and hang tight for them to chill off a little.
12. Appreciate! – PS. I love partaking in these wraps with a decent fattoush salad as an afterthought for additional veggies.


1 Whole Chicken (legs, thighs, and bosom; around 3 ½ lb complete)
8 tbsp Sumac
1/2 cup Lemon juice
1 tbsp All flavor
1/2 tsp Cardamom
1 Bay Leaf
1 Cinnamon Stick
Salt and Pepper
1/4 cup pine nuts or silvered almonds
6 hacked yellow onions You can utilize red onions on the off chance that you don’t have yellow onions.
Taboon bread or Indian flatbread

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