Love In Time (2012)


Hong Kong, the present day. Chau-bing runs a failing ice-cream business from an old van and shares a flat owned by his uncle with his womanising friend Beer. One rainy night, a young woman called Judy, who says she’s a distant relative from Guangzhou, turns up at his door and he slams it in her face. Befriended by corner-shop owner Ching-ching, who secretly likes Chau-bing, and then by Beer, whom she charms, Judy wangles her way into staying at the flat and an odd-couple relationship develops between her and Chau-bing. After they finally break up, Ching-ching makes her play, but Chau-bing is not really into her. When Chau-bing decides to sell his ice-cream van and give up the business, Judy decides to re-motivate him.

Also known as: Da Ai Zhi Da Ren Deng Wo Ai Ni


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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Starring: , , , , ,

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