Love for Two Lives (2022)


After lossing everything in her life, Yao Liang Liang by accident lands in paralell, ancient reality. There she meets Wang Zheng, a future emperor, who desperatly need candidate for wife. After a moment of hesitation, with nothing left to lose, Liang Liang agrees to this arrangement. It also turns out, that thanks to a strange time gap in the girl’s house, they are able to travel between two worlds, back and forth. Soon, joint journeys, obstacles and their contract, start to bring the couple closer together. And also causes much confusion, and funny misunderstandings, when it turns out that the future emperor is very similar in appearance to the idol, which Yao Liang Liang is supporting in her reality.

Also known as: Shuang Shi Meng Qi 雙世萌妻


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , ,

Starring: ,

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