2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special (2022)


The Idol Star Athletics Championships return after a 2-year hiatus as a Chuseok Special. New games such as track, archery, futsal, dance sports, and even e-sports will be introduced to help everyone see the various charms of many idols. The man who hosted the event for 10 years, Jun Hyun Moo, the living legend of the first Championships, Lee Hong Gi, and the beloved mascot, Dahyun, will be hosting this year’s event. Please look forward to the show as vigorous idols compete to break the records set by past MVPs for over 12 years.

Also known as: 2022 ISAC 2022 Idol Star Olympics 2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships 2022 Idol Star Athletics Track-and-field Archery Korean wrestling Pitching Penalty shootouts Horseback riding eSports Championships


Status: Ongoing

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